Israel: State or Ghetto

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Asked if she has come up with a campaign slogan yet, she pulls a scroll of the declaration from her desk and proceeds to unroll it.

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And I believe that the vast majority of Israelis are for it. The Right correctly points out that, at least in the view of the Supreme Court, equality and democracy are guaranteed by other Basic Laws, and there is nothing in this one that contradicts the Declaration of Independence. Writing in Israel Hayom, Haim Shine says ,.

Documentation of Atrocities: The Jewish Photographer Henryk Ross

Is Israel a Jewish state, the fulfillment of a 2,year-old vision, or just another country that lies on the Mediterranean? The members of the Joint [Arab] List have made it clear that their objection to the Nation-State Law is that they do not want a state that is Jewish in any sense.

Livni has carved out a path that is too narrow to stand on. On the left, there is the crevasse of the anti-Zionist position of the Arab members of the Knesset. On the right, her disagreement with Netanyahu becomes too small to make a difference.

The Ghetto Jew and Israel - Israel National News

She objects to the role of the Haredi parties in government and its effect on Israeli life, but there is nothing in the Nation-State Law that affects their influence one way or the other. This is why they tend to make a fuss about what is not in it. But this wording does not prevent such recognition; it simply does not require it. Similarly, supporters of LGBT rights would like a clause that could be used to overturn the ruling that the state will not pay for surrogates for gay male couples that wish to have children. They will not find such a clause in this law, but it is almost certain that the surrogacy ruling will either be changed by the Knesset or be voided by the Supreme Court on the basis of other Basic Laws.

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Some have noted that while the law has few practical consequences — although it negates the dream of a binational state that was proposed in recent years by various groups of Arab citizens of Israel — the liberal Jewish opposition to it has nevertheless been quite harsh, even among those, like Tzipi Livni, who are adamant about their Zionism. And here I want to propose a possible explanation for this phenomenon.

Nationalist movements are often labeled racist or fascist.

National borders are considered unfair limitations on the human spirit. The natural desire of ethnic and religious groups to live together is suppressed in favor of diversity, even if this results in more interpersonal conflict. Most Israelis, however, understand that the continued existence of the Jewish state depends on maintaining a Jewish majority. And they further understand why a Jewish state is a necessity for the survival of the Jewish people in a frankly anti-Semitic world.

Is Israel the Last Jewish Ghetto?

This is Zionism The problem for some is that though they pay lip service to the idea of Israel as a Jewish state, it upsets them when they encounter the condemnation of the anti-Zionist world. So they come up with reasons to oppose the Nation-State Law and other overt expressions of Zionism. But their real motivation is embarrassment. Join us!

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